Introduction to U3A St Albans

Previous Speakers.

Speakers in 2016. These pages often have much more detail that the original presentation.

Speakers 2017.

Next Full Meeting, Thursday 26th October

October 26
Julie Gaudin: Communications Co-ordinator, Project South, Downers Group. “Dudley Creek Revamp and Flockton Basin Flooding”

Forward Programme: See the programme page and the interest group page.

Normally, the general meeting starts at 9.45am on the fourth Thursday of the month, except in December, with time for tea or coffee and a chat with the formal meeting beginning at 10.15am.

General meetings will be held at St Albans Uniting Church, 36 Nancy Avenue.

Please tell you friends about us. U3A is a wonderful institution and there is excellent support for our activities. You friends will be keen to join.

We have produced this publicity material you can print. An A4 poster. A double sided A4 Leaflet.

If you would like to join us NOW, you can apply for Membership here.

You can write to the Secretary, Noni Rush; here.

Tell Us About Yourself

None of this is necessary, but it will be helpful to the committee and quite likely to yourself, if you have a think about what you need to accomplish, what your skills are, and what you want to get involved in.

For instance do you have a passion you want to share with others? Volunteer to lead an interest group about that.

Do you have a connection with a tertiary institution where we might as a group develop a research interest that involves working with staff and students in a collaborative way. How could we develop that?

Do you know, or know of, interesting future speakers for our Main Meeting